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All India Management Association

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Conclave Chairperson
Ms Veena Swarup
Former Director – HR, Engineers India Ltd

Dock into Shifting Goalposts – Reboot

No other time in history would reflect the very concept of Shifting Goalposts, as does today. Disruptions largely due to exponential technologies was the New Normal till recently, and we were gearing up to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. This Pandemic has thrown us all out of gear and shifted the New Normal to an unimaginable Orbit altogether. Future of Work and Lifestyles have shifted the very Ecosystem and it is time to examine what these shifts are likely to be. It is imperative for Women at work to keep pace with these changes, as much as it is for Men. Attend the conference to gear up and prepare yourself to be Future ready to face every adversity and convert it to opportunity through Confidence, Commitment & Competence.

Pragati Conference, like each year prepares Women to realize their own potential, to work on oneself, to harness the strength within and face every challenge with utmost professionalism.

The Sessions have been carefully crafted to guide participants through experience sharing by Speakers from varying fields.


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